3Crease and Absolutely Perfect

I spent the majority of my drumming life in rock bands with some of my best friends. I have been working hard to make this past life known via this webpage. Under the tab "Tour Dates" there is a large section called "Gig History" dedicated to all the past gigs I've done in my life. These dates include gigs booked as Jay on the Drums in the Yoga, Aerobic and Nightclub scenes but also contain gigs from my rock bands. I'll be uploading videos from my past to this Gig History section so check back often :)

The first band I was ever in was called 3Crease and we formed in 1997. Childhood friends Schmed (www.PinkPoloPro.com) and Cheech joined me as we all learned our instruments to create a "Groove Rock" sound inspired by bands like Korn, 311, Limp Bizkit and Sublime.

My second band was called Absolutely Perfect or "AP". I learned so much in this group as I refined my drumming technique and learned how to play to a click track! hahahah I was joined by good friends Randy, Yunker, Guy and Tim (my musical soulmate....) and we played several large shows in Chicago as well as release a couple albums. Our influences here were such bands as The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Incubus and Dredg.

There will be numerous old videos posted under the "Gig History" section as well as audio under my "Store" link. It's such a joy to look back at where I came from and I invite you to take a look around my webpage under "Bands" and "Gig History" to relive my past with me. Don't forget, you can purchase our albums under the "Store" link.

Feel free to find these bands on Facebook and don't hesitate to send us a message....we are all still alive and rockin' so who knows if there will be reunion shows down the road!!!

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