3 Year anniversary!!!

Three years ago in San Diego, CA I dreamt up what would become "Jay on the Drums". At this point in life I had played my share of shows with my bands 3crease and Absolutely Perfect and had just parted ways with SoCal reggae/punk band "The Stir Crazies". My motive in moving to San Diego from Chicago was to join another band and keep pushing foward with that teenage dream of being a rock star. My experience with the Stir Crazies was great because I learned a lot about myself and where my heart truly was. Through Brendan Clemente of that group, I found out about "Riff's Acoustic Music" in La Jolla, CA and it was there that I auditioned to do drums in Yoga. Before this, that notion had never even occured to me and I had spent ten years back home working in a health club! After getting approval from their Yoga director at the time, Shawna Schenk, I woke up at about 2 AM on December 21st, 2012 and began to write out all the detials of where I would take my passion for drumming. Three years later, I have traveled to numerous states and even drummed in Costa Rica for a yoga retreat. Drumming is who I am, it is what I love and it is what drives me. Happy three years to this whole concept and cheers to what I create next. I love being a yoga musican and getting to drum in Zumba classes and getting to drum alongside DJ's in the clubs has been an incredible experience in and of itself. Doing this has made me invest further in myself than ever before and allowed me the avenue to meet some amazing people. Follow your heart, it is NEVER wrong.

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