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What comes to mind when you think of live music in a yoga class? Acoustic songs? Or a melodic harp? Or some Sanskrit melodies. Many ideas about what is appropriate comes to mind. Jay Schwertfeger introduced his love for percussion into a yoga class one day and now incorporates live drumming to yoga classes on a regular basis. Jay, also known by his moniker – Jay On the Drums, is a percussionist that has found his place in the yoga community.

We had an opportunity to catch up with Jay to learn more about his practice how drumming goes hand in hand with a yoga practice.

#1 What Inspired You to Drum?

My main inspirations to learn the drums were my friend Justin and my Mom. I started playing the drums when I was fifteen after my friend Justin Schmedeke asked me to do so. He was starting to learn guitar and I wasn’t learning anything. We were really into the band 311 and eventually formed a group together called ‘3crease’. At the time, my mother was going through breast cancer and she was very supportive in me learning an instrument.

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