Teacher Feature | Tiffany Bush | Yoga

1) What made you become a yoga teacher?

Once I realized that yoga could help me not only react in a more calm way, but also love accept, and appreciate myself and the world around me more than I ever could before, I realized that I needed to share this knowledge with as many people as possible.

2) What is Yoga to you?

Yoga is peace, love and a method to constantly examine and heal anything out of alignment with absolute bliss!

3) Any memorable stories/experiences from the classes you have taught?

I am touched every single time someone comes up to me after class to ask me anything at all or to share with me how one hour helps their whole week! Also, after teaching so many demographics from my grandmother to little kids, I can say that yoga is for every single body! 4) How was your experience with a Live Drum Soundtrack by Jay on the Drums?

Jay has a way of matching my vibe with the tone of the class and the tone of the entire day! There is something so special about being about to vibe with him as he matches the tone of people's breath and heartbeat. If you glance over at him in the middle of class, you will see that he is tapping in to a force much larger than himself, he is in tune with the Universe and he plays that sound beautifully! 5) Anything you’d like to promote? Your classes, social media, favorite places to eat, fave music….?

Check out my Youtube channel called Love and Inspiration from Tiffany Bush Yoga, or follow me on Instagram @tiffanybushyoga or check out my website for workshops, retreats, my teaching schedule and inspiration!: www.tiffanybushyoga.com

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