Teacher Feature | Tonya Logan | Zumba

1. I became a Zumba Instructor because I was completely fascinated with the format once I saw it on TV. It was fresh and new with a rhythm we have not seen before here as a class in the US.

2. Zumba to me is not just a fitness program but a way to connect and communicate with a non-verbal format that anyone can partake in. It is an hour of FUN, and a way to relieve the daily stress. We are

all there to feel the music, beat by beat!

3. The most rewarding part of being a Zumba Instructor is watching the transformations of the students, the friendships you acquire, and the connections you make throughout the Zumba Community. Sharing the love of dance fitness has been the best experience I have had as a fitness instructor. You don't have to speak the same language to get your Zumba on!!

4. My favorite dance style or music style would be hip hop, reggae-ton and salsa, kuduro, but really everything !!!!

5. Jay on the Drums enhances the our class with LIVE DRUMS!! EVERYONE loves that extra flavor! I like interacting with him so he can also be part of the class..! So much fun! If I could he would join once a month!!

6.. Day of Dance Fitness is a day of many dance fitness style classes we have once a year!! Check it out!! This year Jay will be there!! www.Dayofdancefitness.com

Check out this Zumba class done at the Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club with Tonya and Jay :)

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