Teacher Feature | Shauna Hylenski | Yoga

1) How did you find your way to yoga? My first love in life was dance. The way in which I was able to express myself through movement helped me to navigate my turbulent teenage years. While living in NYC after getting my BFA in Dance Performance from Shenandoah University, I discovered yoga at the Laughing Lotus in Manhattan as a substitute for my dance classes when I couldn't attend. It wasn't long before I felt the difference in my body, through my dance and most pointedly in my mind. Soon after my partner Bryan and I were Colorado bound and found our home in Longmont. I attended the Boulder College of Massage Therapy which deepened my appreciation of the body and fed my interest in healing modalities. Many years later after traveling the world studying and teaching healing through yoga and movement, I still call back to my roots of dance to inform my teaching and body awareness. 2) What is yoga to you? Yoga is connection. You must first connect to yourself in order to authentically connect to others. Within this connection you begin to awaken to your true self, the being you have always been. Then we allow our true selves to be our guide, to help us find a balance of inward and outward focus and energy, live each moment fully in the present and find contentment and joy. I also have a lot of fun on my mat, I smile easily and play a lot.

3) What is your favorite part about being a teacher? I have been a teacher I think from birth? I was born into a family of teachers and fell right in line. I love to be a guide, to share my experiences with others to help facilitate their growth. It has always been important for me to meet people where they are and just slide the keys toward them as the opportunity arises, from there it is all up to them. It is an honor to lead students on their mat. I just as often receive teachings from my students as they receive them from me.

4) Tell me about Shri Studios? Shri Studios has been a dream in the making for many years. After living for over a decade with my partner Bryan overseas in Asia and trying to start our own versions of community centers and businesses abroad. We returned home in 2015 where the obstacles were considerably less. I found a sweet yoga home at Full Circle Yoga which helped me to shape my vision further of how I wanted to serve our growing Longmont Yoga community. We decided to open this as a home based business so we could offer a high quality yoga experiences within a reasonable price structure. We hand crafted our sweet space with love and mindful attention towards the community that would soon be growing there. We began teaching classes in April of 2017, and have grown to a stellar teaching tribe of 12 with over 20 classes per week and numerous weekend workshop offerings. I am incredibly proud and humbled by what we have grown together in the last year, and look forward to continuing to grow within our community to awaken, connect and transform. 5) How was your experience with a live drum soundtrack by Jay on the Drums? Co-creating a yoga practice with Jay was magical. It brought me back to my roots, teaching dance with live musical accompaniment. The way the sound of the practice was echoed by the drums was beautiful. I look forward to future opportunities to create magic with Jay. 6) Anything you would like to promote? Our website is www.shristudios.com There you can see our weekly class offerings as well as our workshops and blog posts. We offer a new student special, buy your first class and your next one is free. Come and check out our sweet, neighborhood space, where you will awaken to your own inner light, connect to yourself more fully and transform into the self you have been searching for.

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