Teacher Feature | Staci Bolwerk Baker | Yoga

1) How did you find your way to yoga? I actually tried yoga about 10 years ago for the first time, and let's be honest, hated it. I was not able to connect my mind inward and my ego fought my every move. So I put it on hold. I tried again about 6 years ago again out of curiosity mostly to try "what everyone was talking about"....again my ego. I hated it. I thought it was about perfecting the posture and being flexible in every part of my body. But I stuck with it. I wanted change. Then I had a teacher who spoke to me and gave me permission, "this is your space, compare yourself to no one, breathe." That made every difference to me and I was ready to transform. Today, it is my life breathe and I love it.

2) What is yoga to you? Yoga to me is connection. Connection to myself, to my space, thoughts, breath. To me, it is a moving meditation.

3) What is your favorite part about being a teacher? I love being a yoga teacher for many reasons. When my students grow, I grow. I love the energy the space holds and how I can now give permission to those students who want to let go of the ego in order to unmask what and who they are.

4) How has your experience been with a live drum soundtrack by Jay on the Drums? It's one of my favorite spaces to teach! It is coordinated, thoughtful and energetic! I'm always inspired to teach with Jay on the Drums in new places!

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