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1) How did you find your way to yoga? I have done yoga since I was a teenager. I used to do yoga at home using video tapes. I didn’t go to an actual class until my first pregnancy where I tried a public prenatal yoga class. I loved it from the first pose I tried. For a long time I used yoga to counter other actives such as running. I hurt my knee training for a half marathon which required surgery. After surgery I could only do yoga and that is when I really deepened my practice. 2) What is yoga to you? Yoga to me is a way of life. It is how to maintain a balance in my busy life both physically and mentally. My practice has taught me patience, tolerance, love, kindness and how to be more present. 3) What is your favorite part about being a teacher? My favorite part of teaching is seeing my students, their progress, their release, their love, struggles and joy. I am so humbled every time I teach and I feel so grateful after each class.

4) What is the most challenging part of yoga? Maybe a pose? The most challenge part for me in the beginning was working through my ego. Trying a difficult post and not being able to do it the first or tenth time really taught me to be ok with my progress vs the competitive life i had been living. 5) Tell me about Foursee Apparel :) About 4 years ago my husband and I started Foursee Apparel. We first started as an Etsy shop and really wanted to make fun yoga shirts that were also functional. We make our own designs and print locally. It is important to me as a student when I’m practicing not to have to keep adjusting my clothes so we print on comfortable longer shirts. We attend many local Colorado yoga events and have since created our own website too www.fourseeapparel.com. We have roughly 75 ambassadors all over the world and sponsor fun Instagram challenges. 6) You organize many Yoga events, can you tell more about that? Last year I took over running Friday Night Yoga Club in Denver. With Foursee Apparel, I have been a part of FNYC from a vendor standpoint for the past few years so when I was given an opportunity to purchase the Denver license I jumped on it. the 2018/19 season of FNYC we have 17 dates planned at different studios, teachers and DJs. The goal is to have a fun Friday Night experiencing the Colorado community! With that I also run Yoga Rocks the Park and we are in the middle of the 2018 season. We have 6 events and attendance has been great. YRP is free to participants from the phenomenal free day sponsors. This year is presented by Yoga Download and Pure Spectrum and we have over 30 vendors so it is a lot of fun. I also teach special events through out the year and lead teacher trainings. All can be found on my website www.christinapischel.com 7) How has your experience been with a live drum soundtrack by Jay on the Drums? Jay on the Drums played at a FNYC where I taught at Yoga Pod DTC. It was so much fun and our energy matched each other. We had great feedback from participants and it as a blast! 8) Anything you would like to promote? Webpage, classes, favorite food/music, etc…??? I currently teach at Yoga Joy Littleton, Tava Yoga and Kindness Yoga. My classes can be found on my website www.christinapischel.com and my Instagram is @ccpisch

Check out this class from Friday Night Yoga Club at Yoga Pod DTC that Jay on the Drums and Christina Pischel did together :)

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