Teacher Feature | Marci Lary | Yoga

1) How did you find your way to yoga?

I discovered yoga when I was pregnant with my daughter, 13 years ago. Although it was

just prenatal, I was hooked. After she was born I sought out different classes/teachers

until I really found the style that I loved Vinyasa. Which is now what I teach! 2) What is yoga to you?

Yoga to me is about being mindful in and of the present. I emphasize that in every class I teach to

steady the breath to steady the mind. Don't think about the past or what comes next,

just be present and focused on breath.

3) What is your favorite part about being a teacher?

I have so many answers! I think the thing I love the most is watching transformation happen.

Being a witness and a guide to the magic that takes place when people get on their mats

and do the work is truly an honor to experience over and over. 4) What is the most challenging part of yoga? Maybe a pose?

My first thought is to say Taraksvasana (Handstand Scorpion) but, the truth is, I believe

it's difficult just staying present in the moment. Most teachers I know still find themselves checking out sometimes on their mats. (Maybe these days, more than ever) It's a challenge to stay focused for 60-90 minutes without the monkey brain taking over.

5) How has your experience been with a live drum soundtrack by Jay on the Drums?

Teaching with Jay on the Drums has been amazing! Jay really reads the energy of the room

and what the teacher is cueing. He is so intuitive to what's happening and so natural at reacting to the energy of the class. Not to mention, we have so much fun!

6) Anything you would like to promote? Webpage, classes, favorite food/music, etc…???

Along with being a yoga teacher (check out Odyssey Yoga at www.odysseyyoga.com where

I teach) I am also a health & wellness coach. Please check out www.fulloflifeandhealth.com

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