Teacher Feature | Heather Kellogg | Yoga

1) How did you find your way to yoga?

It was 2012 and I was in search of new type of total body wellness routine. I had recently transitioned out of a long commute and found myself with more free time in the evenings. At the time I was taking Pilates a couple of times a week, but still felt a bit of a disconnect. I saw a Groupon for a new yoga studio and decided to give it a shot. I came home DRENCHED in sweat and so in love with this practice. 2) What is yoga to you?

Yoga to me is freedom from the chaos of life. It’s 60 minutes to go inward. It can be anything I need in the moment. [IE – a challenge, an escape, a break, a lesson] 3) What is your favorite part about being a teacher?

My absolute favorite thing about teaching yoga is hearing students exhale [their stress] on the mat.

4) What is the most challenging part of yoga? Maybe a pose?

Inversions! It took me a long time to feel comfortable getting my feet up. But once I found that source of trust in myself, it was so liberating!

5) You are the owner of Yellow Aura Yoga, could you tell me about that?

YES! Yellow Aura Yoga is new; we opened December 2017. I took the plunge, what can I say! When I stumbled upon the for rent space at 27N2nd last fall, I didn’t over think it. I felt ready to jump from my 15 year career in Marketing to being the Owner of a yoga studio. I have learned a lot this year. I have been challenged a lot this year. But the reward is high. I have built solid relationships and holding this safe [ & calming] space for our community to practice yoga in is so incredibly special to me. 6) How was your experience with a live drum soundtrack by Jay on the Drums?

Before our class with Jay on the Drums began on Friday night, July 20th, Jay mentioned to our yogis that should their mind wonder during their practice to bring their attention back to the sound of the drum. This stuck with me. When my legs started to burn in Warrior II, I returned to the drum for comfort, ease, and fluidity. It was such a cool experience. Yoga alone is amazing. Yoga to live music is magic and an experience I recommend to all of my students. 7) Anything you would like to promote? Webpage, classes, favorite food/music, etc…???

Find yourself in the Western Chicago Burbs, look us up! We are a boutique styled yoga studio located in the adorable historical downtown of Geneva, IL. Our schedule and rates are posted in the MINDBODY mobile app.


27 N 2nd Street

Unit 101

Geneva, IL 60134

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