Teacher Feature | Maddie Konecny | Yoga

1) How did you find your way to Yoga? I got into yoga when I was 15 years old. At the time I was training at Rocket Boxing and was in search for an alternative cross workout. To my surprise, I fell in love with the blissful feeling after completing a yoga session . And within in weeks I gave up the sport of boxing to focus my practice strictly on yoga. Shortly after, I was presented the opportunity to take a 200hr teaching training course with my local studio and jumped all in! I was 16 years old when I started my teacher training program. Soon, I was known as the youngest yogi at my studio. 2) What is Yoga to you? Yoga to me is Union. It is the practice of joining mind, body, and spirit. It brings strength and balance to not only the body but the mind. You learn how to undue. You undue the physical stress that has been put onto the body. You undue the negative thoughts and emotions carried with. You learn how to become centered. To be in the “present”. You have to let go of thoughts of the past and thoughts of the future. And allow yourself to find peace within that space you create on the mat. That’s what yoga is to me. 3) What is your favorite part about being a teacher? My favorite part of being a teacher is watching my students faces right after they finish a class. Because they all have a huge smile and a relaxed attitude. I call it the Yogi “high”. They are all blissed out. It’s amazing to be around all uplifted and positive energy’s at one time. It’s a great environment and I believe it is why people love doing yoga together! 4) What is the most challenging part of Yoga? Maybe a pose? I personally believe the most challenging part of yoga is trusting myself while practicing inversions. Sometimes while learning Headstand and Handstand I had doubt and would trust me I fell a lot. But no worries. I did not give up! It’s all about trusting the body and knowning your strong enough to support yourself. Sometimes Inversions tend to be more of a mindful battle then physical.

5) How has your experience been with a live drum soundtrack by Jay on the Drums? I have been lucky enough to have worked with Jay on Drums now two times! I loved the experience of having a live drum set while teaching. I tend to be a slower vinyasa style instructor. Jay’s soothing rhythmic drum style definitely complemented well. We were humble enough to have compliments by students that shared that are styles merged well together. All thumbs up! 6) Anything you would like to promote? I have a Facebook page called "I Am Wellness" where I post all my yoga events! And you can use as contact for reiki appointments as well. It’s my tiny healthy yogi page! I try to post some fun reads as well. Check it out. Give it a like :)

Check out this Yoga class Maddie Konz did with Jay on the Drums at Yellow Aura Yoga in Geneva, IL!!!

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